About us

Berxel Photonics is a high-tech start-up company with expertise in VCSEL device and epitaxy designs, fabrication processes, high speed and reliability characterizations.

Committed to providing cutting-edge high speed Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers(VCSELs)solutions for optical communications in AI computing and cloud data centers, Intelligent Manufacturing and Intelligent Automobile industries plus high performance 3D Sensing Cameras solutions.

Our Value Propositions

Your Trusted Partner offering

Unrivalled R&D expertise in optoelectronic semiconductors

Quick response for customized solutions and prototyping

Global leading-edge fabrication and testing facilities

Customer-centric team of industry veterans

Our Locations

Our R&D and Test Center for VCSEL device and epitaxy designs.


Our Semiconductor Diode Laser Engineering Center with cutting-edge Nanofabrication Facility offers full range of services from epitaxy, nanoscale lithography, device processing, chip testing, to packaging and reliability tests for our customers.


Our 3D Sensor System R&D Center focusses on customized high performance 3D camera solutions for Robotics and AIoT applications.